Terms & Conditions

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Last updated September 29, 2016

Isan Explorer operates under the principal of common sense, and we expect our guests to do the same. Nevertheless, it’s in everyone’s best interest for us to spell out our policies, and you must agree to the following in order to join any of our tours or activities. It’s all pretty straightforward (we’ve kept it brief and avoided legalese), though if you have any questions or concerns about anything please let us know and we’ll clarify.

1 – Contract
You will confirm your acceptance of these terms and conditions by signing and returning the PDF contract (view a sample contract) that we will send to you at the time of your booking.

2 – Payment
A. Price
Because we routinely make additions and modifications to our tours to meet guests’ individual needs and desires, your final tour price is what is written in the contract and not what is posted on our website.
B. Inclusions/Exclusions
General conditions are outlined in the “Prices” section of each tour page on our website, but exactly what will be included and not included is detailed in full in the contract.
C. Deposit
For tours longer than one day, a non-refundable deposit is required as soon as possible after making your reservation. The deposit amount is detailed on the “Prices” section of each tour page on our website and written in the contract.
D. Full Payment
The full payment is due before the tour begins. This can be done after you arrive in Thailand, as long as you have access to sufficient funds before you depart on your tour.
E. Method of Payment
We accept payment via cash (Thai baht, US dollars, British pounds, and euros), ATM transfer and counter deposit to Siam Commercial Bank, wire transfer (bank-to-bank or through online services such as TransferWise), and credit/debit card (only with online services).
F. Surcharges
If local taxes and/or fuel prices increase significantly, we reserve the right to add comparable surcharges.
G. Refund of Unused Services
Refunds for unused services are at our discretion and the decision will be made by the office staff, not your guide. We will refund any money due to you at our earliest convenience.

3 – Special Requests
Special requests (such as ground floor rooms or meals meeting your dietary restrictions) should be made in writing at the time of booking. Isan Explorer will make every reasonable effort to meet these requests, and we are usually able; however, special requests cannot be guaranteed and will not be included in the contract.

4 – Amendments
A. Changes at Your Request
If you request any changes after a tour has been booked, we will make every effort to accommodate them. Extra costs for changes are considered on a case-by-case basis. Generally there are no additional costs for us, in which case we will not charge you any extra. But, if there are additional costs (including any administrative charges deemed reasonable by Isan Explorer) then these are your responsibility.
B. Changes Made by Isan Explorer
While every effort will be made to provide the planned itinerary, Isan Explorer reserves the right make modifications as necessitated by events beyond our control (i.e., force majeure: natural disasters, strikes, civil unrest, political actions, airline schedule changes, damage to accommodation, etc.). You must pay any additional expenses necessitated by these changes. If Isan Explorer must make changes as a result of our own error, there will be no additional cost to you. In the event of any changes, we will inform you promptly and consult with you about the best options. Decisions related to force majeure are at our sole discretion.
C. Handicraft Villages
The handicraft villages we go to are not typical tourist stops; mostly we are visiting people at their homes. Although it is rare, sometimes the people in a particular village on the tour itinerary won’t be working when we are scheduled to visit. And typically we won’t know this until just before the tour begins, or even after it has already begun. In all cases, we will do our best to substitute a similar stop, but this is not always possible. If a specific craft stop on a tour is important to you, let us know and we can tell you whether missing it is a possibility or not.

5 – Cancellations
A. Cancellation by You
Cancellations must be made in writing. If you have paid any money in excess of your non-refundable tour deposit (2C) we will refund this, unless you are a no-show for the tour, in which case no refund will be given whatsoever.
B. Cancellation by Isan Explorer
If events beyond our control (i.e., force majeure: natural disasters, strikes, civil unrest, political actions, airline schedule changes, damage to accommodation, etc.) require us to cancel a tour, we will work with you to make an alternate itinerary or choose an alternate departure date. If these changes are not possible for you, then we will refund any money paid in excess of your non-refundable tour deposit (2C) and any money from the deposit already spent (such as hostel deposits) that we are able to recover. Isan Explorer is not responsible for any other costs that you incur as a result of the cancellation or rescheduling. Decisions related to force majeure are at our sole discretion.

6 – Your Obligations
A. Obligations Before the Tour Begins
Passports and Visas:
You must ensure that all travel documents are in order. Isan Explorer cannot accept any responsibility if entry to Thailand is denied. Passports should be valid for at least six months beyond your date of entry into Thailand. Information about Thai visas can be found here.
Luggage: If your tour includes any flights, it is your responsibility to ensure that your baggage meets the airline’s restrictions. Isan Explorer will not be responsible for any excess baggage charges.
B. Obligations During the Tour
You agree to act in a culturally respectful manner (as discussed here) including appropriate dress at all times and to follow your guide’s instructions on safety and etiquette. Any person engaging in illegal, dangerous, or boorish behavior can be removed from a trip at any time at the discretion of Isan Explorer with no recourse for a refund or additional services.
Damages: Any damages caused by you are your sole responsibility and Isan Explorer will take no responsibility for them. Payments for such damages must be settled with the claimants immediately. Any existing damage you encounter during your tour should be reported to the guide immediately.
Passports: You must have your passport with you at all times. Though infrequent, there are random police and immigration checkpoints.

7 – Health and Fitness
A. Participation
You warrant that all participants are sufficiently healthy and fit to take part in the chosen tour.
B. Notification of Special Needs
Isan Explorer does not wish to exclude anyone from our tours and will make every reasonable effort to accommodate guests with medical or physical conditions that require special attention. But these issues must be declared in writing at the time of booking so we can discuss them with you in order to plan the most appropriate itinerary.

8 – Liability and Insurance
A. Liability
Although Thailand, and Isan in particular, is a very safe destination, all travel carries inherent risks. By participating in tours with Isan Explorer you acknowledge that you both understand and accept these risks. Therefore, in no event is Isan Explorer responsible for any injury, loss, or damage you may incur that is not the fault of the company’s actions.
B. Insurance
Isan Explorer provides accident insurance as required under Thai law. This insurance does not cover illness or travel complications, nor does it cover you before and after your tour with us begins and ends. Also, you must pay out of pocket at the hospital and this insurance will reimburse you later. For these reasons we highly recommend that all trip participants have comprehensive travel insurance to cover flight cancellations, lost luggage, food poisoning, medical evacuations, and similar situations.

9 – Privacy Policy
Isan Explorer believes that privacy is important. We never share your personal information with third parties in any way other than what is necessary for conducting our tours, such as booking plane tickets. And by law we must provide your name, passport nation and number, birth date, and general itinerary to our insurance company before the tour begins. We do not collect any information about you through our website unless you fill out a form. Our e-mail list is on a purely opt-in basis and we will promptly remove your name at your request.

10 – Registered Address
Isan Explorer, 7/95 Mu 17, Darun Samran Rd., T. Naimuang, A. Muang, Khon Kaen, 40000, Thailand

All disputes shall be governed by the laws of Thailand. Isan Explorer is licensed and bonded by the Tourism Authority of Thailand who provide arbitration in case of services not rendered.