Isan Explorer Tours in the Press

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Discover Isan – Travel Tips for Northeastern Thailand with Tim Bewer

Talk Travel Asia (Podcast) (June 1, 2021) “‘Being largely left out of Western guidebooks it’s generally overlooked and deserves more attention.”

Lonely Planet author leads the way to the “Angkor Wat” of Thailand

Apple Daily (Hong Kong) (September 9, 2018) “‘The Khmer Empire controlled the Isan area for many years. Phimai is the first place to build a temple in this style, about a hundred years before Angkor Wat.’ We walked into the temple with Tim Bewer and listened to history…He is a veritable Thai master.”

Thailand Off the Beaten Path: A Guide to Isaan

Vogue (USA) (August, 2017) “On the border of Laos, in the northeastern part of Thailand, lies Isaan, an entire region that has been largely neglected by outsiders. The area is rural Thailand at its best: farmland meets sleepy villages. It’s proof that Thailand isn’t completely trodden with tourists.”

Wonders of the Wild

The Nation (Thailand) (July 20, 2016) “Enjoy the sensational food and the simple lifestyles of Thailand’s Northeast with a 10-day trip that meanders from Khon Kaen to Ubon Ratchathani.”

Among the Elephants in Thailand

New York Times (April 15, 2016) “One of the mahouts new to us said he’d enjoyed the tour, and said the elephants had, too. “How do you know?” I asked. “They were making happy noises all day long,” he said.”

Tasting Isaan

The Nation (Thailand) (June 17, 2015) “Discover the authentic cuisine of Northeast Thailand with Isan Explorer, a family-run travel agency in Khon Kaen province.”

Packing for Pachyderms

Jetsetter (Hong Kong) (Spring 2015) “Shunning the usual elephant rides and trick shows, Isan Explorer’s tours let the animals roam free in their natural environment on two, three, and four-day itineraries.”

Walking with Elephants in North-East Thailand

The Star (Malaysia) (April 4, 2015) “The sight of elephants walking past his house in the Thai city of Khon Kaen has always evoked in Tim Bewer a sense of pity.”

Tour Lets Visitors Interact with Elephants

Los Angeles Times (February 4, 2015) “Isan Explorer worked with the Save Elephant Foundation to ensure that its tours are responsible: There are no chair rides or circus tricks, and the elephants are off-chain.”

Ethical Elephant Encounters in Thailand to Bali Bargains

South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) (January 15, 2015) “Thai tour company Isan Explorer is offering three new Elephant Encounter trips that let tourists interact with the animals in an ‘ethical’ way.”

Thailand’s ‘Gong Highway’

New York Times (December 21, 2014) “Isan covers one third of Thailand yet is off the well-traveled Chiang Mai-Bangkok-Phuket path. ‘It’s pretty rare to meet travelers who aren’t Thai,’ said Tim Bewer, of Isan Explorer, a ‘slow tour’ company with the motto ‘Showing You the Other Thailand.'”