Elephant in the Mun River in Surin Thailand

Elephant Encounter Express Tour






DurationElephants walking in the forest around Ban Ta Klang village in Surin Thailand




About Elephant Tourism


Walk with elephants in the forest.

Day 1 – Ban Ta Klang Elephant VillageWoman weaving mut mee silk fabric in Khon Kaen Thailand


Day 2 – Ban Ta Klang Elephant Village



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See silk weaving.

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        Hotel         Level Number of Persons
Price per person, two per room (baht)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9+
Budget 25,250 12,850 9,600 7,800 7,300 6,500 6,050 5,650 By Request
Deluxe         Deluxe level accommodation is not available for this tour.
  Homestay 25,400 13,100 9,700 8,000 7,400 6,650 6,150 5,750

Get up close and personal with elephants.

Ban Ta Klang

Day 1


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